Cable Detection & Avoidance (CAT scan) Courses

£599 + VAT – Up to 8 Persons

Over the years, we have heard only too many times how injuries have occurred due to workers striking gas pipelines or electricity cables that are buried and cannot be seen. Just by striking one of these things can lead to a fire or explosion, serious damage to the place that is being excavated not to mention causing serious injuries or may be even death.

This can be avoided by taking our specialised cable avoidance course. Not only could this save your life but the lives of the workers around you. As an employer, it is up to you to prevent this from happening and it is your legal obligation to minimise any risks that may occur by having qualified employees that have been trained in this specialised course.

As a company, we know how important it is to provide you with the right amount of training and to give you all the information you need to be qualified in this field and know how to use the specialised equipment (CAT Scan) needed to detect electricity cables. It will teach you what all the functions on the cable detection tools do and how to use them in a proper and efficient manner.

We can train a group of people at their workplace or a venue of your choice.

Who will benefit from this course?

This course is ideal for anyone who will need to use cable avoidance tools on a regular basis throughout their working day.

Duration of this course:

4 hours – half a day

We can train additional persons (up to a maximum of 12 persons in total on each course) at the cost of £20 per extra person to cover the additional practice time, registration and certificate. Costs based on delivery at your place of work/venue.

Who is this course aimed at?

For persons that in their workplace penetrate the ground substrate and the requirement of adhering to HSE’s guidance HSG47. Successful delegates are awarded with a certificate valid for 3 years.


4 hours over half a day

Course Contents

  • Course objectives
  • Regulations and duties of the employee
  • Elements of a safe system of work for digging
  • Controls of cable detection equipment
  • Limitations of cable detection equipment
  • Use of cable detection equipment – locator and signal generator
  • Use of water divining / dowsing rods
  • Calibration and pre-use checks
  • Formal assessment

The training venue will require the following:
A suitable inside room for theory training that will be uninterrupted (with an electric socket point)
Access to welfare – toilets, running water, suitable temperature, etc
A suitably sized secure outdoors practical training area with underground services that is away from any activities

The candidate(s) should:
Possess the necessary level of mental fitness and learning ability required to meet the course contents above
Possess a reasonable degree of physical fitness to meet the course content above

We will provide:
* The Trainer/Examiner
* All training materials and handouts
* Projector, screen, flip chart, videos and presentation
* Training equipment – Locator, signal generator, attachments and divining rods