Vehicle Mounted Fork Lift Truck

From 1 Day at £399 + VAT per day for 3 persons

This one day refresher can be completed at your premises for any employee wishing to update their training to ensure they are operating at best practice. Vehicle mounted forklift truck training can be taken by any operators to expand their skills and make them more desirable to potential employers. The vehicle mounted forklift truck is also commonly referred to as the ‘Moffat Mounty’, and they are usually used to unload lorries.

If you are currently working in, or looking to get a job in a warehouse environment this training course will be essential to you for your CV and own knowledge. This course adheres to RTITB standards.

Who will benefit from this course?

This course will benefit any current LGV or forklift drivers who wish to expand their skills and knowledge base. Employers are increasingly looking for drivers with transferable skills, so this will make you a huge asset to the company or a very desirable asset to any new company.

If you are an employer, you can benefit from sending employees on this course as they will learn skills that can be transferred over form their current roles to being or more assistance in the unloading of lorries. This refresher course will ensure that operators are up to date with any new industry guidelines or procedures.

The course is to the Road Transport Industry Training Board standards, and is available to anyone over school leaving age and of the necessary degree learning ability to complete the course. The candidate will also need a reasonable degree of physical fitness to comply with HSG6 guidelines.

What this course covers:

  • Legislation and duties of operators
  • Identification of component parts
  • Stability and steer exercises
  • Load transport
  • Fitting and removal from vehicle
  • Pre-use examination
  • Associated knowledge examination
  • Practical examination
  • What we will provide:
  • The trainer/examiner
  • All training materials and handouts
  • Projector, screen, videos and presentations

What we will need from the venue:

A suitably sized outdoor secure outdoors practical training area that is away from any activities, overhead cables or obstacles.

A suitable inside room with a power point for theory training. Ideally this room will remain uninterrupted.

Access to welfare including but not exclusive to—toilets, running water, suitable temperature etc.

Racking or similar to a height of 75% of the maximum reach of the truck (normally 3m), 20 pallets of equal size, 10 cones/drums, 1 load weighing approximately 75% of the machines rated capacity, a lorry bed with a headboard or similar simulation, a suitable road vehicle adapted to carry the vehicle mounted lift truck. A suitably serviced vehicle mounted lift truck.

Duration of this course:

From 1 day.


A certificate will be provided upon completion of the course. Should you require an RTITB operator’s card, one can be obtained for a charge of £20.00. Please bring along a passport photo, or ask the delegates you are booking onto this course to bring this if they require a card.