Fire Marshal & Warden

£399 + VAT – Up to 8 Persons

The fire marshal and warden safety course is designed to train delegates in basic instruction and safety awareness in the event of a fire. Many companies pass on responsibility of fire evacuation to individuals who have taken a fire marshal or warden course, which ensures there is always a named person in the building responsible for the safe evacuation of your company building.

Who will benefit from this course?

Anyone wishing to gain the knowledge of safe evacuation and what to do in the event of a fire can benefit from this course, It is not just delegates that are to be designated fire marshals or wardens who will benefit from this course, as anyone can benefit from the knowledge of a safe fire safety process.

What this course includes:

  • Understanding the nature of fire
  • The three key elements of fire
  • How fire is spread, and how to prevent this
  • The 5 different classes of fire
  • Different types of extinguisher and the uses for them
  • Identification of equipment
  • The role and responsibilities of a fire marshal
Fire Marshall

What we will provide:

  • The trainer/examiner
  • All training materials and handouts
  • Projector, screen, videos and presentations
  • Training equipment

Duration of course:

Half a day (this course is available in conjunction with the first aid course which can be completed together on the same day)


You will receive a certificate at the end of the course to say you have completed the course successfully.